A resource acquisition company specializing in deploying technical assets to companies looking to hire the best people in the market! We thrive in challenging situations and look to add value to our clients by being proactive in our approach and providing powerful and innovative solutions.




"Novarus Healthcare has enjoyed working with Techstrato over the past several years. They are very professional and are great partners for our team.  We have daily calls and communication is easy. We were able to find strong technical resources to assist us with minimal effort. We would recommend Techstrato whether you were looking for an outsourced IT team or resources to supplement your existing team."



We helped create a benefits reconciliation tool for one of our customers - that addressed the issue of over-spending. We leveraged the full stack development capabilities of our team to help build this product, in time and on budget!

We’re really proud of this work, which was aimed at making customer employees more engaged. We tailor-made this application on every level to make this a unique app to own for every company. This was also one of our first projects where we utilized cross platform app development!

We utilized the capabilites of native iOS code to build multiple apps catering to doctors, dentists as well as hospitals. These apps were mostly used either as customer facing apps for our clients or for internal use by generating complex reports through the apps or setting straight appointments in the ER.


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